VLOG – 2024

No, I can’t see into the future. This is the VLOG for week 24, hence the name. Also, a VLOG! It was ages ago since I posted one of these, but this content didn’t really justify a “proper” video so here we are.

The bees will stay with me for 4-6 weeks while my brother and his wife gets the foundation for the addition to their house done. I have been considering getting bees of my own but time doesn’t really allow for that so this is the second best option I guess.

I only crack one bee-related pun in the video, so if for nothing else, I deserve a thumbs up for my restraint. I’ll post more videos, probably in a VLOG format, about the bees – and more – so don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching!

All music taken from the YouTube Audio Library.

via https://youtu.be/0QmhRMATp_8

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